Founder of Ear Visors, Bill Gaston, a lifelong avid outdoorsman, hunter and fisherman, developed skin cancer as a young adult. The cancer targeted the top and back of his ears. Soon after his first surgery to remove the cancer from the top of his ears, he developed a prototype ear visor to protect the sensitive skin on the ears. Bill began wearing his ear visors and others began expressing an interest. Research and development ensued immediately in 2012 and not a mile from the corporate office is the production facility that has the technology to quickly produce the Ear Visor in multiple colors and laminates. During the early testing phase, it was discovered that the Ear Visor base material would float the attached glasses, adding an extra benefit to wearing the product while on the water. Ear Visors are produced now for promotional advertising by printing a company’s message and logo. Ear Visor produces our products with or without a lanyard. Ear Visor produces all products in Adult and Child sizes. Our fabric look provides an endless customization, even camo and leather look. Ear Visors also has custom fabric weavers to produce a unique look for any application.


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